The original Coat of Arms of the family von Schaumberg

The shield is divided to 3 fields showing the colors silver (white), red and blue. On a Knights helmet
a figure of a young man with red hat at the end decorated with 3 black
feathers and a helmet coat in silver and black. This was the first form of the von Schaumberg coat of arms used in the 13th century.

Coat of Arms of the von Sonneberg family

This was the oldest form showing a black sheep sissor on yellow
background a knights helmet and a golden harrow on top with gold and black coat.

Increased Coat of Arms of the von Sonneberg family.

After a marriage with the family von Sparneck the 2 white rafters was addet on one half on red ground.

Increased Coat of Arms
von Schaumberg
Which was used since 1540 after the close relatives von Sonneberg died out and nearly all of their properties and castles was taken over. Hans von Schaumberg addet it as the first member of the von Schaumberg family.
correct arranged
at castle Giech
at church of Münnerstadt
If the colors was arragend in other order by meaning it from different family branches or by accident through later made renovation paint jobs is not clear.
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