Epitaph of Konz von Schaumberg
made by the famous sculpturer
Tillmann Riemenschneider in 1500
From the over 2000 members of the family from 1216 to 2002 only the ones known well in history are listed.
Members in wordly positions:
Heinrich I. von Schaumberg around 1216 -1243 recordet
The first one to wear this name found in registers. He named himself after his own castle Schaumburg. He was listed as vasall of Andechs-Meran Dukes as Minister.
His Brother
Otto von u. zu Schauenstein 1222 -1237 recordet
Had Schorgast, Schwarzberg, did colonise and built a castle in the Frankonian forrest, was wealthy and warrior had town Kronach and castle Rosenberg . He was advisor and tournament partner of the Dukes Otto I. and II. of Meran.
Carl von Schaumberg 1381 -1411
Often named as judge in the diputs among Meissen Saxony and the Emperors Lords of Nuernberg and Bamberg.
Hans von Schaumberg named Knoch 1380 -1410
Hard enemie of the Emperors Lords of Nuernberg. His brothers Georg and Michel 1405-1445, where the advisers of these Lords and following them.
Eberhard von Schaumberg to Ruegheim at curch Sonnefeld
Knight Wilhelm von Schaumberg to Ruegheim 1399 - 1440
Hard enemie of the Saxon Dukes and his brother Eberhard 1458
Captain of the bishop in Wuerzburg, Govenor in the fights among Wuerzburg Bishop and Saxony.
Knight Georg von Schaumberg named Knoch 1422 -1434
Emperors adviser, warrior and protector against Schwarzburg
his son
Knight Hans von Schaumberg 1475 dead
Adviser of the Emperor and the Bishop of Eichstaett, Captain of the court, Warlord and Governor in Friesland; personaly honored in the Hussit-wars and on three pilgrimages to Rome.
his son:
Knight Wilwolt von Schaumberg named Knoch 1469 -1510
Named in his biography, written from Ludwig von Eyb in 1507 ( " The Story and Deeds of the Honorable and Noble Knight Willwolt von Schaumberg" ) as fartravelling warrior in all wars of Emperor Friedrich III., Karl the Kuehnen, Albrecht Achills, Albrecht the Beherzten and Wilhelms von Henneberg, personaly friend of the last two, highest General and Captain and Governor from Duke Albrecht of Saxony in Friesland, as troops General in Belgium, Netherlands and France, as Envoy of the German Emperor sent to Paris and London, famous warrior and tournamentfighter. He received in the year 1501 the castle Schaumburg from the Saxon Dukes for his long and succesfull service,again .
Hans und Brigitta von Schaumberg
knights-chapell at Hassfurth
his brother:
Knight Georg von Schaumberg 1513 dead
Captain of the court Brandenburg at Ansbach., soninlaw of Ludwig von Eyb the author of willwoldts biographie.
their unclel:
Lorenz von Schaumberg 1468 - 1485
Adviser, Governor,Warrior, Diplomat of Duke Albrecht Achill von Brandenburg. Teacher of his son Lord Johann Cicero.
Hans Claus von Schaumberg and women, church at Altenkunstadt
his brother:
Veit von Schaumberg 1486 dead
High Judge and Governor at Auerbach, Adviser ,Envoy and Governor of the Dukes of Bavaria , named in several tournament lists.
their nephew:
Knight Georg ( Joerg ) von Schaumberg named "Knoch" 1527 dead

Adviser of the Emperor, the Bishop of Bamberg and Saxon Dukes, General, Envoy, Judge, Governor of Coburg. Known in the history of the Knights conclusions, the election of Emperor Karl V., the farmer riots and war, the wars of Hutten, leader of the Knightsconclusion 1495 -1525. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem to the holy grave. ( burried in church Skt. Moritz Coburg )

Knight Adam von Schaumberg 1526 dead
The so called Genealogic.Adviser at Bamberg and Saxony, author of a scribt : Der Laienspiegel ,1522 and of a family genealogy, a famous fighter for the rights of the family against the Emperor and saxony Dukes.
Heinrich von Schaumberg Knight of the Holy Grave 1516 dead
He gave on his second pilgrimage to Jerusalem 1493 the knight title of the holy grave to the Duke of Saxony Friedrich the wise.
Heinrich V. von Schaumberg
church Sonnefeld
Veit von Schaumberg to Stroessendorf 1498 dead
Bamberg Adviser and Marschall, 1486 Brandenburg Adviser on the mountains. 1492 Saxony Governor at Coburg, and Sonnefeld, Second Judge at the court.
Knight Heinrich von Schaumberg to Ruegheim 1473 dead
Bamberg Adviser and Judge, later Wuerzburg Adviser and Marschall.
Georg von Schaumberg to Nagel 1496 dead
Courtmaster and protected by Duke Albrecht Achill in Ansbach 1472 - 82. Bamberg Governor in Kaernthen Austria and winner over the turkish invasion there 1475 -1486.
Karl von Schaumberg named "Knoch" to Ehnes 1508 dead
Known with his hard fights against Duke Otto von Bayern 1479, 1483 -85, against Bamberg 1508. Often named in the judge records of his time.
Melchior von Schaumberg to Streufdorf
Known in the fights of Thomas von Absberg and Franz von Sickingen 1523 and 1528.
Wilhelm von Schaumberg 1487 - 1522
In the german Knightsorder in Barten, Komtur (Governor) in Balga east Prussia and in Holland, Governor in Koenigsberg east Prussia.
Konz von Schaumberg
Maries-chapell Wuerzburg
Konz von Schaumberg named "Knoch "1499 dead
Wuerzburg Adviser and Marshall, well known tournamentfighter. Died 1499 on his journey back from Jerusalen ,, on the sea".
Hans von Schaumberg to Lisberg 1518 dead
Bamberg Adviser and Judge, know by the poem he did on the Family Genealogy 1440 - 90 as the Deadpreacher.
Wilhelm von Schaumberg to Thundorf 1542dead
Wuerzburg Governor and Cavalry Chief, died in a battle in St.Poelten (Austria). Know as a companion of Goetz von Berlichingen on his fights.
Bernhard von Schaumberg 1547 dead
Bamberg Master of Court, Adviser and Diplomat in the Pack fights and in the Farmers- riots, Emperors Marschall and Adviser.
Knight Sylvester von Schaumberg named "Knoch" 1536 dead
Protector of Martin Luther, author of an letter to asure him in 1520. Reformator of Unterfranken, founder of the Thundorf Knights-School, Among the leaders of the Knights Conclusion. Named in the letters between Luther and Spalatin. Wuerzburg and Henneberg Judge- and Warrior. In leading position of the defendence of the Veste Marienberg Wuerzburg in the farmers-riots.
Sylvester von Schaumberg
church at Muennerstadt
Veit Ullrich von Schaumberg to Leiterbach 1571 dead
Wuerzburg Bishops Adviser and Captain, often named as Reformator in the writings of his time. Founder of the Family Conclusion of Thundorf.
Hans Ludwig von Schaumberg to Leiterbach 1584 dead
Leader of the Knights Conclusion at Castle Rottenberg near Nuernberg for 20 years.
Wolf von Schaumberg to Emtmannsberg 1562 dead
Governor for 36 years under 3 Dukes "on the mountains" ( Plassenburg). Governor at Creußen, often named in the Markgraeflichen wars and in the Government busynesses between Kulmbach and Bayreuth.
Hans von Schaumberg to Traunstein 1570 dead
Bavarian Governor, know through his fights in the farmers-riots and remebered till today in a yearly streetparade at Traunstein.
Hans Paul von Schaumberg to Schney 1589 dead
Governor of Brandenburg for 20 years in Kronach and Veste Rosenberg, Brandenburg Envoi to Poland, often named and seeked from the Dukes, Counts and the Nobility, because of his wealthieness and his smartness.
Wolf von Schaumberg
church Lichtenfels
Achatz Georg Wolf von Schaumberg to Stroessendorf 1631 dead
Bamberg and Brandenburg Secret Adviser and Governor, Chief at Kulmbach. He received the Wohnfurth lands for the family through marriage, tuff Lutherian Reformator and fighter against the antireformation.
Hans Otto von Schaumberg 1636 dead
Bamberg, Brandenburg- and Wuerzburg Adviser, Warrior and Governor, later schwedish Captain of an own foundet and paid Cavalry Regiment and Waradviser. He connected his castle and lands Thundorf ,that was given to him by the whole family, with the winning or loosing of the swedish King Gustav Adolf for the Lutherian Party.
Hans Kasimir von Schaumberg 1650 dead
Fighter for the opposite party the Emperors catholic Liga, Bamberg and Emperors Captain and Waradviser and Chief of Kronach.
Carl von Schaumberg with woman
church Muennerstadt
Adam Ullrich von Schaumberg to Lauterburg 1642 dead
Landdirector of the county Coburg through the worse time of the 30 year war.
Hans Caspar von Schaumberg to Laineck 1602 - 1659
Brandenburg Courtmarshall and Keeper of the Dukes lands, often named in the 30 year War.
Johann Philipp Carl von Schaumberg 1817 dead
Bamberg Chief and Waradviser, leader of the Bamberg Troops in the Revolutionwars. Known as highly honorable in the warhistory of his time, while the young people of the family died in the wars against Napoleon
on all battelfields in europe and was soon forgotten.
Oskar Berthold Werner von Schaumberg 1896 - 1956
Chiefleutennant a.D., Government Kommisar, a.D., Main Battery Chief of Hannover and member of the Johanniter Conclusion. Explorer and author of the familyhistory and Regesten scribtsampling. Nearly all today availlable material comes from him.
Walburga von Schaumberg church Lichtenfels
Harry Goetz von Schaumberg 1907 - 1998
Farmer, was taken the very last rest of the familielands in 1945 by the DDR Government. He was the last to wear the fathersname and title in Germany after 782 years.
The American Line that lasted till 2002
Albrecht Karl Louis Wilhelm Ernst von Schaumberg
born 1835 in Stargard Germany, emmigrated to the states in 1861 died 1887 in Washington DC. Royal prussian Leutenant a. D., Captain of the Northstate army in the Civil War, where he lost his right arm in a battle. Founder of the last surviving american line.
Albrecht Karl von Schaumberg
Karl von Schaumberg
born 1886 in Washington DC died 1959 in Bay Shore
married 1913 to Margaret Fitzgerald
Children: Gerald von Schaumberg and Margauret von Schaumberg
Karl von Schaumberg
Gerald Vincent von Schaumberg 1915 - 2002 in Columbus Ohio. Grandchild of Albrecht von Schaumberg 1835 -1887. Married to Rose Lynch. He was the very last to wear the fathersname and title after 786 years. He had 2 daughters that still live in the states.
Gerald Vincent von Schaumberg
and his wife
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